Where are sleep aid yoga

By | June 24, 2020

where are sleep aid yoga

You put away your phone and shut off the TV. You close down the kitchen two hours before bed. And yet, you still have a hard time falling asleep each night. And for many, stress is at least partly to blame. As a certified yoga instructor, I perform these poses when I have a hard time falling asleep, and I recommend them to my clients, too. And Dr. Lee says that in addition to yoga helping to increase flexibility, it also aids in muscle relaxation, which is important for sleep health. So whether you want to improve your quality of sleep, fall asleep faster, or are looking for techniques to help you de-stress, these soothing yoga moves that you can do in your bed or on a yoga mat!

Want more tips like these? Benefits of Meditation. Science of Meditation. Was this page helpful? Yoga can help to treat or ease insomnia by helping you to relax before bed and minimize stress.

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Keep your feet relaxed not flexed and your arms comfortably resting at your sides, palms up. Hot yoga and vinyasa flow styles tend to get your heart pumping. Take whatever arm position feels most natural and enjoy the calm. Your breath is key to be able to relax in these poses. Yoga is harder than it looks!

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