What blood group is prone to malaria

By | April 24, 2020

what blood group is prone to malaria

View at: Google Scholar K. Frequency of blood group antigens in Nigerian children with falciparum malaria. Results Characteristics of the study participants Individuals suffering from most severe malaria symptoms were on average We are working in these areas and I was one of the founders of Dilaforette Ltd, a company which develops adjunct therapy for severe malaria and sickle-cell disease. ScienceDaily, 9 March The area has an elevation of about 1 m above sea level. Introduction Although the study of blood group antigens and malaria parasites is decades old, new advances continue to be made that profoundly influence our understanding of how malaria parasites interact with their human hosts. Pathirana, H.

A total of febrile outpatients were selected as study participants, excluding individuals who took antimalarial drugs within two weeks before blood test and who refused to participate in the study. It has been observed that blood group O individuals are less likely to suffer from complicated falciparum malaria [ 11, 15, 25, 35, 36 ]. The clinical outcome of falciparum malaria in endemic areas is, among other factors, associated with erythrocyte polymorphisms [ 2, 3 ] including the ABO blood groups. Transfus Med. Okell, T. Loscertales, S.

Ceylon medical journal. RIFINs may be prime candidates ot targeting in the search for a drug for the treatment of severe malaria. How to be superhuman: The science behind extraordinary abilities When will we hear from aliens? It was demonstrated in the late eighties and early nineties that those with O type blood are protected from severe or fatal malaria. Obeiro, C. Your name. Recommended for you.

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This was in consistence with to Science X editors. Your feedback will go directly the study in Sri Lanka. This study, therefore, introduces the fascinating possibility that a second [ 1 ], where there selective pressure on the DARC locus.

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