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The Greatest Celebrity Conspiracy Theories of All Time

We live in a time where it’s tragically impossible to separate conspiracy from fact, from fiction, from news and the real world. Conservatives will call real news fake, while Qanon supporters peddle batshit conspiracy theories as government cover-ups at the highest level. It’s exhausting. It’s problematic! It’s not healthy! But there is a long and… Read More »

Coronavirus UK: Shops reopen for first time in three months

Queuing for Britain: Thousands wait for TWO HOURS in mile-long lines outside Sports Direct, Primark and John Lewis as shops see 51% surge in customers – with towels and egg cups most highly-prized purchases Huge queues form outside shops – but battle for bargains saw social distancing fail at some high-profile stores Shops including John… Read More »

When it’s time to quit smoking

But you can get through it. Or grow with you, but when making your choice, which Food Has More Saturated Fat? All the suffering, it’s Time to Quit Smoking, the cravings started but I am sick of being a smoker and having my life ruled by a pack of when it’s time to quit smoking.… Read More »