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Covid-19: There Is Only One Priority

An excellent article in The New York Times, “A Warning for the United States From the Author of ‘The Great Influenza’” by John M. Barry, professor of public health at Tulane University and author of several books on historic pandemics, sets out the priorities for the future, and above all highlights the false dichotomy between bringing… Read More »

Why is there acne on my jawline

Whether it’s your jawline, neck, cheeks or quite frankly anywhere on your face. Spots are never fun. Rest assured, even celebrities, who have access to the best dermatologists and skin care experts, struggle with acne and the self-confidence knock it can give you. According to skincare expert Renee Rouleau, the chin and jawline area is… Read More »

How many diabetes apps are there

Pros: The app offers reminders to check your blood glucose and take your meds. Cons: This app doesn’t sync with meters, CGMs, or insulin pumps. Clear graphics of your history and blood glucose statistics offer an overview of your current diabetes therapy. Charis Hoppe how many diabetes apps are there a project coordinator at the… Read More »