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VA apps pose privacy risk to veterans’ healthcare data

The increasing use of apps provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs is meant to improve access to patient health and benefits information in convenient digital platforms. However, members of Congress are worried that this electronic data is vulnerable. “When a veteran downloads an app from the VA’s app store, how much personal information does… Read More »

Why use cardiovascular risk

Can shaking exercises improve stress and PTSD? This, said the authors, may be because those more susceptible to acute MI were selected out of the cohort at earlier time points. The purpose of these models is to stratify the population into different CV risk categories and to apply preventive actions accordingly. These can be calculated… Read More »

Who is at risk of cardiovascular disease

In both countries – the risk has doubled to about 2. The greatest benefits appear to have come from reductions in mean cholesterol concentrations, old and Young and In Between Heart disease can who is at risk of cardiovascular disease people of all ages. And in an important number of Member States the main source… Read More »

Who cardiovascular risk calculator

It is used to estimate the risk of heart attacks in adults older than 20. Peripheral arterial disease, intermittent claudication and significant limb ischemia. Because the primary use of these risk estimates is to facilitate the very important discussion regarding risk reduction through lifestyle change, the imprecision introduced is who cardiovascular risk calculator enough to… Read More »