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Could a probiotic prevent or reverse Parkinson’s?

A new study using a roundworm model of Parkinson’s disease found that a probiotic bacterium could prevent, and in some cases reverse, toxic protein buildup. Misfolded alpha-synuclein proteins in the brain are the hallmark sign of Parkinson’s disease. Many experts believe that these toxic protein clumps lead to the progressive loss of brain cells that… Read More »

How can diet prevent cancer

This cancer-fighting food is easy to find in grocery stores, and you can use it in a variety of recipes on your anti-cancer diet. For example, one day study in 27 people with cancer compared the effects of a glucose-based diet to those of a fat-based ketogenic diet. AICR is committed to putting what we… Read More »

Can you prevent arthritis in hands

Excessive drinking limits your body’s absorption of nutrients and can put you at greater risk for arthritis – impact activity may cause more stress to your joints and could lead to injury. Roll it into long “snakes” with your palms, play With Clay Playing with putty or clay is a great way to increase the… Read More »