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Heart attack warning: How often do you poo in a single week? Hidden signs explained

Heart attacks are serious medical emergencies that require immediate attention from a doctor. You could be at risk of a deadly heart attack – or myocardial infarction – if you start passing fewer stools than normal, it’s been claimed. Heart attacks are caused by a lack of blood reaching the heart. Without enough blood, the… Read More »

Medical News Today: Online information about probiotics often misleading

As probiotics grow in popularity, a recent study investigates the reliability of online information. They find that the majority of “top” websites provide information that lacks scientific evidence. Probiotics are popular, but do they cut the mustard? For more research-backed information about the microbiome and how it affects your health, please visit our dedicated hub.… Read More »

How often flu vaccine

A half dose of LAIV or any other vaccine is a non-standard dose and should not be counted. Are there data that state these should not be given concomitantly? What are your concerns? Contraindications and Precautions. Side effects of the nasal spray vaccine may commonly include a runny or blocked nose, a headache, tiredness and… Read More »

How often to get facial for acne

Overly aggressive treatments can worsen acne. Hope this helps Jennifer. Keywords facials facialist dermatologists cryotherapy facial skin-care treatment skin customized skin care dermatologist tips dermatologist recommendations aestheticians led facial HydraFacial in-office microdermabrasion. You just experienced an hour of pampering bliss. If life prevents you from a monthly facial, at least schedule one every season. Our… Read More »