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7 month baby diet

The browser you are using is too old for our website. Please visit Crawling, creeping or sliding along, at 7—9 months old, your increasingly mobile baby is making their first move towards walking. Their ability to gesture and say your name shows just how much their communication skills are improving. Discover more about infant development… Read More »

I quit smoking for a month

Bakeman R. I am not usually a complainer for things and I find myself doing it constantly. I am quit, irritable, achy, walking around in a fog, gained weight. Eventually, you will start to feel a whole lot better. Improvements in lung function are month upon your lung health prior to quitting, but you will… Read More »

Can a flu last a month

Your body needs downtime to recover. Your fever will go away first, but don’t worry if your cough sticks can a flu last a month for a while. But figuring out what you have isn’t always easy. Why do I have chills without a fever? I’ll go shopping but then have to come home again… Read More »