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Keto diet urine smells like popcorn

Everyone knows that urine has a distinct odor. This is normal, and nothing to be concerned about. Sometimes, your urine can even take on a popcorn-like scent. Advanced diabetes can sometimes cause strong, sweet-smelling urine. This is due to the sugar and ketones that have accumulated in your urine. Your doctor can diagnose high amounts… Read More »

What aed works like keto diet

Adenosine formation: evidence for a direct biochemical link with energy metabolism. The KD ratio prescribed clinically is a specific ratio of fat to protein plus carbohydrate. How does the diet work? What is the ketogenic diet? Ketogenic diet is antiepileptogenic in pentylenetetrazole kindled mice and decrease levels of N -acylethanolamines in hippocampus. Miraldi, S. Without… Read More »

What do gluten allergies look like

Study identifies gene that helps regulate cholesterol levels. Living with food allergies: Wheat allergy. In the skin-prick test, a small amount of a liquid containing wheat protein is placed on the back or forearm, which is then pricked with a small, sterile probe to allow the liquid to seep into the skin. But, again, those… Read More »