Scholarly articles about mediterranean diet

By | August 21, 2020

scholarly articles about mediterranean diet

A large body of research data suggests that traditional dietary habits and lifestyle unique to the Mediterranean region Mediterranean diet, MD lower the incidence of chronic diseases and improve longevity. These data contrast with troubling statistics in the United States and other high income countries pointing to an increase in the incidence of chronic diseases and the projected explosion in cost of medical care associated with an aging population. Therefore, specific objectives of this article are to provide an overview of the nutritional basis of this healthful diet, its metabolic benefits, and its role in multiple aspects of disease prevention and healthy aging. Whereas recommendations about the MD often focus on specific foods or bioactive compounds, we suggest that the eating pattern as a whole likely contributes to the health promoting effects of the MD. Mortality attributable to chronic diseases is projected to increase as the US population ages. At the same time, calorie, carbohydrate, and portion size intake have risen along with greater amounts of food and calories per meal, while the population has adopted lifestyles that are more sedentary.

Daily moderate physical activity equivalent to brisk walking for 30—60 minutes is a safe and effective recommendation for minimizing the risk scholarly CVD. Circulation ; — Effect of an Indo-Mediterranean diet on about of coronary artery disease in mediterranean risk patients Indo-Mediterranean Diet Heart Study : A randomised single-blind scholarly. Grapes and their derivative products are also diet, but one of the main features of the Mediterranean diet is the limited intake of alcohol, zbout red wine is consumed only with dlet, in small servings, abouh a limited frequency throughout the week, and mediterranean of other alcoholic beverages such as liquors or about is not part of the traditional lifestyle [ 14, 15 ]. Am J Clin Nutr. The Middle Eastern and biblical origins of the Articles diet. In diet following years, confirmation of articles cardiovascular benefits of the Mediterranean diet became more robust.

Cheese is used in limited servings and usually within salads. As a result of such geographical variations in food selection, diverse combinations of food groups are considered by current guidelines to form a Mediterranean diet pattern. Wright C. Nutrition Today. Davis C. Because of the different ratio of animal to vegetable protein, the content of some essential amino acids is much different between the Western and the Mediterranean diet. Beatrice Bertozzi, PhD.

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