Is gum allowed on low iodine diet

By | September 25, 2020

is gum allowed on low iodine diet

In: Thyroid Cancer Connect Just thought we could share tips and tricks as time goes. Hi- in our area, patients are sent home after swallowing the radioactive iodine capsules. I am sorry you are experiencing salivary and dental issues to also use. She approved the following non-sodium, Red Dye 3 free candies.

Just started my LID today. I was wondering if we can have things like mints and chewing gum while on the low iodine diet. It’s not easy to find out the iodine levels in ingredients and nutrient labels. If an item has a small amount of sodium on the label Does the sodium on the label have anything at all to do with iodine? Which hard candies post-RAI? Sour vs non-sour? What were you instructed to do? I am not sure about the candy, but if your looking for something sweet, check out the thyca LID cookbook.

I am a retired teacher, so thankfully I have time to shop for the proper foods and prepare them myself. I have followed your blog throughout my journey and it has been SOOO helpful and soothing to know that others are experiencing the same. I am sorry you are experiencing salivary and dental issues. August 19, at pm Report lemon drops in candy aisle and are salt free. Anyhow, I just I called their nursing staff a couple of times to get information and also relied on the ThyCA link above.

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