Dr lorraine day diet for healing

By | October 23, 2020

dr lorraine day diet for healing

Quick links: content, navigation, search. As a cancer patient, Dr. Lorraine Day faced disfiguring surgeries and harsh chemotherapy. As a medical doctor, she concluded that most MD’s lack adequate knowledge of the causes of disease and all-natural health and wellness, and the benefits of a vegan diet. In developing her own treatment plan, she chose to become proactive and not rely on doctors beyond examination and diagnosis. During a May 2, interview with Sharon Kleyne, Dr. Day expressed her belief that far too much modern medical treatment, especially cancer prevention and treatment, is symptomatic and artificial rather than being holistic “whole body” or integrative and all-natural.

Change your lifestyle and your diet. By implementing these health steps you will lower your blood pressure, lower your cholesterol AND lower your triglycerides. Eliminate dairy products: no cheese, butter, milk. Use rice milk. Rice Dream is a good brand. Eliminate meat, poultry, and fish.

Together Against Cancer Charity Organization. Day suggested that some doctors may be invested in keeping their patients unwell. Vegan Diet and Cancer Survival More. Greens in the diet are oxygenating but their benefits take longer to attain. Your name will be public.

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